Meet Jim

Born and Raised with Iowa Values

Jim Mowrer grew up on a farm in Central Iowa. When Jim was just seven, his father was tragically killed in a farming accident, leaving Jim’s mother, Susan, to raise Jim and his sister Ruth Ann, by herself. It wasn’t easy – they had only Susan’s small salary and Social Security survivor benefits to pay the bills.

Jim worked hard and graduated from Boone High School and married his high school sweetheart, Chelsey. Today they have two boys, Carter (9) and Jack (6), and live in the Waveland neighborhood of Des Moines. Jim works for a human services nonprofit organization and is an adjunct professor at Grandview University in Des Moines.

Called to Service for His Country

After the September 11th attacks, Jim wanted to give back and serve his country. So, upon his graduation from high school, Jim joined the Iowa National Guard, where he quickly moved up the ranks and was promoted to sergeant after just two years of service.

In 2005, Jim’s unit was mobilized and deployed to Iraq. Serving as an intelligence analyst, it was Jim’s job to help locate IEDs or roadside bombs so they could be removed before causing harm. Jim’s unit, the 1-133 Infantry Battalion, served the longest deployment of any unit in the Iraq War – 23 months.

While deployed, Jim also worked to coordinate his unit’s absentee voting process from Iraq. He saw first hand how difficult it is for some ballots to be cast, even for the Americans that defend our freedom.

While serving in Iraq, Jim finished college in between missions, earning a degree from the American Military University. Jim went on to earn a master’s degree in public policy from George Mason University.

Working at the Pentagon to make the military more efficient

Jim returned to Iowa with his National Guard unit in 2007, but he returned to Iraq in 2009 as a civilian analyst and adviser to the commander of U.S. forces.

In 2010, Jim was asked to serve as the special assistant to the under secretary of the Army. At the Pentagon, Jim helped start and oversee the Army Office of Business Transformation – tasked with making the Army more effective, while saving tax dollars.

At the Pentagon, Jim also served as the Army’s lead representative to the Council of Governors, where he worked with America’s governors to help coordinate Army bases and operations in individual states across the country.

Service to Iowa

In 2014, Jim returned home to serve his fellow Iowans as a candidate for Congress and vice chair of the Iowa Democratic Party.

Jim Mowrer has devoted his life to serving our country and protecting what makes America and Iowa great. Now, he’s running for secretary of state. Jim knows how important protecting our voting rights is because he’s fought to protect them. Instead of encouraging voter participation, current Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate is making it as difficult and expensive as possible for Iowa’s citizens to vote. Under Pate’s watch, early voting has been dramatically reduced and the 2016 Iowa election results were certified with nearly 6,000 missing votes.

We need a secretary of state who will put Iowans’ voting rights ahead of party politics. Jim is running to continue his career of service to Iowa and ensure that voting in Iowa remains open, free, fair and secure.